Testimonials from Google Review

"I requested a manuscript assessment and two sensitivity reads, and received all three reports seven days later! These reports are so helpful and practical, with a whole bunch of actions I can take right away. I also appreciate the encouragement sprinkled in throughout. I felt glad to have reached out and would certainly recommend these folks to other writers. Thanks again!"

— Angela G

"Frank & Co. provided an excellent sensitivity read for a novel, and I'm so grateful to them for their expertise, professionalism, and helpful feedback. Highly recommend!"

— Lara J

"I'm so grateful to Emu Lewis, care of Frank&Co for providing me with a sensitivity report and manuscript assessment for my manuscript in progress, 'Sorry Rocks'. Emu's feedback is incredibly detailed, thoughtful, encouraging and constructive. Also, the turnaround within seven days is remarkable."

— Thalia H

"The folks at Frank & Co. were incredibly helpful in the development of When the Watcher Shakes. The input they gave after reading my manuscript helped to strengthen the final story and my skills as a writer going forward."

Timothy G. H

"Thank you to Frank & Co. Readers Lee and Sam for their incredibly insightful and thoughtful feedback on my manuscript and characterisation. I am indebted to you for pointing out a number of issues that I wouldn’t have picked up, being too close to my own characters! Great constructive perspective and really easy to work with. Super communicative and feedback in just five days! Would definitely recommend."

Dinuka M

"I asked Frank & Co. to beta read my novel twice and both times it was worth a lot more than its weight in gold. They were super communicative and even with their promise of speed, it came back so quickly. The feedback I received was encouraging but also constructive. It was thoughtful and well-written. I am keen to finish a second novel if only to be able to send it to them for a read. Truly impressed and a very happy customer."

— Chloe F